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We know the location of the Hostel is not a minor detail , so we settled in the famous neighborhood of Pichincha!
This historic district of the city, is located on downtown of Rosario, near the bus station, bounded by Cordoba Avenue and Boulevard Oroño.
Today , officially called Alberto Olmedo in homage to renowned comedian , Pichincha is a neighborhood of worship, where you can find bookstores , art bars, coffe , restaurants , pubs , and even his famous handicraft fair , ranging from handicrafts , through the antiques, and even swapping clothes.
Undoubtedly, an houndred percent walk to do, and is a meters from our house , even!

Rodriguez 863, Rosario 2000,
Santa Fé, Argentina.

  Hostel: +54 0341 424 4922

  Agustin Carassai: +54 3400 657873
  Nahuel Actis: +54 9 3400 444969